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Great Deals Application
Browser Extension
Version 1.1 - Oct. 12, 2010

Why pay retail when there are great deals out there?
We research the best deals and make them available
to you with this Great Deals application.
Now you can save money each time you visit many of the most popular websites. Using this application you will be given the opportunity to save money through fantastic deals that have been researched especially for you. Here are some of the things you get with our FREE browser extension:
  • Great Deals that Save You Money
  • A Quote from our Founding Fathers
  • Your local weather and forcast
Download the application today and jump on the fast track to great savings and greater prosperity!

Easy Install


Constitution Party Approved


100% FREE!

Download the Application

The Great Deals Application takes seconds to install. Click the extention of your choice:

ie First click here to install GreaseMonkey, then click here to install the extension script.
ie First click here to install GreaseMonkey, then click here to install the extension script.

Detailed Download Instructions

For those new to browser extentions, the following detailed instructions will help you through the installation process:

  1. Internet Explorer. Installation steps: (1) download the IE extention by clicking the green Internet Explorer download link above, and (2) double click the extention-install file (Contitution_Party_Setup.exe) and follow the install instructions.
  2. Firefox. Installation steps: (1) download the Firefox extention by clicking the green Firefox download link above, (2) in Firefox, select File > Open File, then open the Firefox extention (Contitution_Party.xpi), and (3) refresh the browser window.
  3. Chrome. Installation steps: (1) download the Chrome extention by clicking the green Chrome download link above, and (2) click "install" in the Chrome tray to install the extention (CPLeft.crx).

Using the Application

To use this application, browse to your profile page on www.facebook.com or visit Google's home page, www.google.com. The application will activate automatically and will look similar to the following screenshots with a different deal shown each week:

screenshot screenshot-google

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